METAROM “Natural X Flavorings”: A new step forward for Naturalness and Pleasure

METAROM “Natural X Flavorings”: A new step forward for Naturalness and Pleasure

A new step forward towards naturalness and indulgence.

A large percentage (72%) of consumers in France are concerned about a natural and healthy diet. The demand for natural flavours therefore accounts for 70% of all flavour production in France. Consumers consider  the word “natural” to indicate a clean label product. Recently, the “Natural X Flavoring”, known as NXF, has been making headlines. The X directly refers to the raw material from which it comes, which has the advantage of strengthening the product’s image of naturalness and transparency with consumers.

Recent popularity of “Natural X Flavouring” (NXF), strengthens a product’s image of naturalness and transparency with consumers. The “X” refers to the raw material used in the flavour creation. An NXF flavour must have at least 95% of its flavour derived from “X” raw material, which is not the case with natural flavours. At Metarom we make our own extracts, combined with 5% other natural flavouring agents to create the NFX. The production of our own extracts from the distillation of fruit, plants and herbs gives us full control of the process to obtain signatures unique to the Metarom range.

At METAROM France, we are launching our new NXF range, created to meet the needs of the food industry, to provide aromatic intensity, a diverse range of profiles and controlled costs. As specialists in sweet profiles our main focus is in the following aromatics:

  • beverages: lemon, mint, mango…
  • dairy products: strawberry, raspberry…
  • bakery/pastry: apricot, apple, coconut…

With our secondary business in Caramel manufacturing, and our knowledge in flavours we are about to provide CARAMEL NXF. Our unique and authentic caramel process combined with its distillation will provide a true Caramel NXF.

If you are targeting a transparent and trustworthy position with your consumer, indulgent and authentic flavours, then our NXF range is for you.

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