Lychee, the exotic flavor of the moment!

Lychee, the popular flavour trend that transports you to the southern hemisphere! An exotic fruit with refreshing flavour notes of strawberry, rose and muscat. It appeals to those who love intensely fruity desserts and a uniquely exotic experience. Lychees can be enjoyed any time, but are traditionally associated with Chinese New Year and the […]

Mango – the new go to tropical flavour for an exotic experience

The diverse variety of mangoes provide a broad range of colours and flavours. The highly fragrant fruit, with its smooth and juicy flesh, is attracting an increasing number of consumers with an 8% increase in products launched in Europe in 2018-2019 containing mango profile. Mango flavour compliments many products including ice cream, sorbet, yoghurt, […]

Tonic – A natural and refined profile

Tonic emerged in the 19th century. Its subtle and herbaceous taste is derived from quinine or gentian, giving it a natural and refined profile with a delicate bitterness and a refreshing character. The popularity of Tonic has increased due to the gin trend. Its delicate bitterness attracts new consumers looking for drinks that are both […]

METAROM “Natural X Flavorings”: A new step forward for Naturalness and Pleasure

A new step forward towards naturalness and indulgence. A large percentage (72%) of consumers in France are concerned about a natural and healthy diet. The demand for natural flavours therefore accounts for 70% of all flavour production in France. Consumers consider  the word “natural” to indicate a clean label product. Recently, the “Natural X Flavoring”, […]

Chai spice, the exotic aromatic trend!

Chai spice, the exotic aromatic trend! Chai Spice, with its exotic origins in India, dates back to the royal courts. It was designed as a healing Ayurvedic beverage. It is especially appealing to consumers for its well-being properties and aromatic flavour. This spice blend is perfectly suited in tea, coconut and vanilla based beverages, vegan […]

Crunch with pleasure while enjoying our latest popcorn concepts!

In a world traditionally orientated towards sharing and indulgence, discover our new market study and innovative concepts for you to stand out: Attract a young target with regressive flavors and a confectionery positioning: Strawberry, White chocolate, Vanilla cream, etc. Take authenticity and top-of-the-range delicacies to the next level: Pecan, Peanut butter, Coconut Develop the salty […]

HARD SELTZER – The trending drink of the year

Originally from America, hard seltzers are shaking up the alcoholic beverage segment. The market is indeed growing on the American continent. According to the Les Echos newspaper, sales of hard seltzer totaled $ 229 million in the first month of lockdown, a new record since last summer (170 million). They are inspired by flavored water codes […]