CFIA 2022 – Let’s meet to talk about indulgence & naturalness

CFIA 2022 – Let’s meet to talk about indulgence & naturalness

Are you looking for a new flavoring solution for your soft drink? Are you looking into reducing sugar or fat content without compromising on the taste of your biscuits? Are you working on reformulating one of your ranges? Come and see us at the CFIA in Rennes on March 8, 9 and 10, at Booth A58 in Hall 4.

After being affected by Covid for two years, the CFIA will be celebrating its 25th anniversary and will be marked by agri-food professionals reuniting, by innovation and by optimism, and we are very excited as we prepare to showcase our latest innovations.

As experts in flavoring solutions and special caramels, we will be presenting our ranges of natural X flavorings (NXF), our own extracts, our Acti’Sens solutions designed to naturally reduce sugar and fat content and our special caramels and fillings. All of these will be showcased in applications matching the major consumer trends. We recently outlined and developed these as part of two webinars.

Trend Book 2022 -2023

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The search for pleasure, health requirements and the quest for ethics are strong, growing consumer demands. In our sector, this means increasing demand for more naturlness, transparency, commitment but also, and this may sometimes seem contradictory, for more flavors, surprises and indulgence. We rose to the challenge of reconciling these expectations and offer several applications to show this.

  • Biscuits and a beverage with the exclusive flavor of our powerful, delicious NXF which combine Indulgence with Safety and As a reminder, 95% of an NXF comes from the product in question, they imply cleaner labeling which mentions the product (for example: Natural Strawberry Flavoring) and they are organic-compliant (new EU regulation dated January 2022) for all organic finished products
  • NO and LOW-alcohol beverages based on our homemade extracts. At Metarom France, we still have our own extraction laboratory and we have invested a large part of our R&D budget for its development.
  • Tasty Nutri-score B biscuits. Our natural Acti’Boost Sweet and Fat flavorings are used to reduce sugar and fat content by 30 to 50%. They increase the perceived sweet or fat taste, extend the flavor profile, add roundness while retaining the product’s texture and original taste. They are used to naturally improve the Nutri-score of baking and pastry products, dairy products and beverages.
  • Caramels and fillings which combine generosity, technique and ethics, including our 100% sucrose filling for chocolates, our salted caramel filling for ice cream and our lemon filling for ice cream and baking and pastry products.

Request your invitation and come and see us at booth A58 in Hall 4 to discuss these topics. You can arrange an appointment directly with your sales contact at Metarom, via the MyCFIA platform or by contacting us at

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