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Metarom is active in the food ingredients industry developing tailored flavouring and caramel solutions for our customers in accordance with consumer tastes. Our highest priority is to customer satisfaction, designing and manufacturing quality products with respect for people and the environment.

Our highest priority is to customer satisfaction, designing and manufacturing quality products with respect for people and the environment.

Our goal is to create value and share it: reconcile economic progress with social and environmental issues, build a relationship of trust with all our stakeholders

“Since 1953,

we've always been at the service of the food industry."


Creator of flavoring solutions

METAROM takes up the challenge to create the flavoring solutions you need. Our flavorists are inspired by nature and food trends to develop taste solutions in line with your expectations and those of your markets


Caramel creator

We have had a passion for caramel since 1953. Our know-how is based on a thorough knowledge of the ingredients and the proper mastery of caramelization. Every day, our specific team puts its skills and creativity at your service to offer you functional solutions that are ever more indulgent

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The group history, a family business!


Maurcice Métayer purchases the Etablissements Fandeux, a caramel colorant producer. He then takes over Société Phytocolor and expands into producing natural colorants.


METAYOR S.A. purchases Périgne, a company specialising in extracts for liqueurs and non-alcoholic drinks, thereby branching out into the food flavouring sector.


The company bought Monier-Klotz, a flavoring company. LABORATOIRES METAYER were renamed METAYER AROMATIQUES INDUSTRIES


The company bought Van Volxem, a Brussels-based company which was created in 1870, and METAROM Switzerland was created in Lausanne

Our company bases its success on the respect of three unifying values:


Jean-Loïc Métayer

Our CSR pillars and commitments


Ensuring growth while innovating to satisfy our customers and share our values


Guaranteeing the health and safety of consumers and our employees while protecting the environment


Upholding human rights and international conventions

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METAROM France is a family-run SME established in 1953. All of the company’s activities are now grouped together on a single site in Boves.

Our passion is creating, producing and providing flavours, caramels and services that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our company has retained a human scale, with 140 people working to ensure high quality products that conform with product and safety standards and environmental concerns.
Our ISO FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001 certified company strives to provide you with the best of its skills, expertise, transparency and innovation.

METAROM France delivers to France, Germany, Northern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, either directly or through its distributors. Our philosophy is based on reactivity and a unique solution to your demands: try us out!

Established: 1953
Managing director: Céline HOCQUET
Sales Office: Yes
Production site: Yes
R&D Laboratory: Yes


The French know-how locally produced for you in Asia !
Established in 2018 in the Kuala Lumpur area – Malaysia, METAROM ASIA Sdn Bhd is the most recently borned of the french METAROM Group family.
With a full set up of tools, including Development & Application labs, flavour manufacturing facility and sales offices, METAROM ASIA is dedicated to serve the Asian market, offering locally produced flavours. Focusing on sweet flavours for Bakery, Beverages and Dairy.
The factory offers fully HALAL certified flavours, and caramels, to the entire ASIA PACIFIC region, and even more in the future.

Established:  2018
Managing director: Carl VAN HUFFEL 
Sales Office:  Yes
Production site: Yes
R&D Laboratory: Yes


Established in 2011, METAROM ANDINA‘s premises are situated in Bogotá and consist of a production unit and an Applications and Development laboratory.

Our geographical area covers Columbia, Panama and the Andean countries.
We are very in touch with market trends and will support you in developing your projects thanks to our selection of well-made, classic and innovative flavourings in both liquid and powder forms.

Since the creation of the first Metarom Group subsidiary in 1953, our key values have been proximity, flexibility and reactivity. We have extensive experience in the agri-food industry and are reinforced by belonging to a multinational group.

Optimum hygiene practices are in place to guarantee that food safety standards are met whilst respecting a clear ethical code and a professional and efficient service.
Your success is our success!

Established: 2011
Managing director: Françoise Clabecq
Sales Office: Yes
Production site: Yes
R&D Laboratory: Yes


METAROMA UMA, our local team in Benslimane, responds directly to the specific needs of the Moroccan market. It draws on the expertise of the French family run METAROM Group to offer high quality products adapted to local preferences.
The METAROM UMA team accompanies local Moroccan food industries throughout their development processes in order to guarantee products that meet their specific demands.

Established: 2010
Managing director: Nicolas FRANCK
Sales Office: Yes
Production site: Yes
R&D Laboratory: Yes


The thirty year presence of Metarom in Australia has made us specialists in the Australian market for natural food flavours.

Our dynamic and dedicated team is unsurpassed, with unparalled commitment to providing a complete service, offering flexibility and reactivity to meet your needs.

We offer the following:
– Application and R&D laboratories offering leading trend flavours (elderflower, lemon myrtle, honeycomb…)
– Flavour solutions developed by our flavorist and adapted to your manufacturing processes and finished products
– An extensive library of over 1000 flavours
– Sample requests sent out promptly on day of request
– ISO 22000 certified premises in Mascot, Sydney (manufacture of liquid and powdered natural flavours)
– A very manageable minimum order quantity of 20kg, well below the industry standard
– A lead-time of one week on average, far shorter than our competitors

Do not hesitate to contact us, whether your manufacturing facilities are in Australia, New Zealand or in the Pacific Islands.

We are available to discuss the possibility of changing your taste buds forever!

Established: 1987
Managing director: Nicolas GAUTIER
Sales Office: Yes
Production site: Yes
R&D Laboratory: Yes


The company Van Volxema, founded in 1870 by Mr Victor Laurent, has always prioritised a customer-focussed approach.
Now named METAROM BENELUX, its proximity, flexibility and personal approach have earned it a solid reputation in the flavouring industry. Its ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000:2005 and RSPO certifications attest to the high quality services provided.
Metarom Benelux has a team of 19 highly dedicated employees who create, produce and market flavourings and caramels for the Benelux market.

Established: 1870
Managing director: Luc NIEUWBORG
Sales office: Yes
Production site: Yes
R&D Laboratory: Yes


METAROM A.S. was established in 1992 in order to build closer relations with the Eastern European client base, primarily for the Czech and Slovakian markets.

This unit is a sales office, managed by a local team, and has its own storage capacity. We are therefore able to respond directly to the specific demands of local clients and provide the flexibility they require.

In order to be as fast and efficient as possible, we have an on-site laboratory that allows us to provide samples for our clients.

Established: 1992
Managing director: Jean-Luc TARRIDEC
Sales Office: Yes
Production site: No
R&D Laboratory: No


METAROM IBÉRICA was established in 1983. Our premises are situated 40 Km from Barcelona and comprise a production unit and an Applications and Development laboratory.
We create, produce and market flavourings and caramels for the agri-food industry.
We cover all of the Iberian Peninsula: Spain and Portugal.
Our strengths include client proximity, flexibility and reactivity.
We have extensive experience in the agri-food industry and are reinforced by belonging to a multinational group.

Established: 1983
Managing director: Françoise Clabecq
Sales Office: Yes
Production site: Yes
Laboratory R&D: Yes


METAROM SUISSE has become a key player in the Swiss flavourings market since it was established in 1980.

We specialise in food flavours and caramels.

Our Lausanne-based structure responds to specific market demands with a personalised, flexible and local service.

Thanks to its European position, METAROM Group provides us with its expertise and support. All production sites comply with existing quality and food safety regulations.

Established: 1980
Managing Director: Jean-Luc TARRIDEC
Sales Office: Yes
Production site: No
R&D Laboratory: No


Metarom USA began in 2017, yet its direction and key employees are not new to the industry or the US market.  With over 60 years combined experience in flavors and food formulation, our team has already worked together in various capacities in the food industry over the years.  We are delighted to finally be on one team, to share both our expertise and core values which have brought us together to serve you.

We value high moral and ethical standards, and seek to apply those to our ingredients, or procedures, and our interactions with clients, employees, and one another.

We value creativity, you will see this in action as we create new products and problem solve your most confounding application.

We strive for clarity in communication and respect.

Above all, we want you to know that you are valued, as we strive to meet your needs and give you superlative service.  Flavours and caramels is our passion, true, and many companies may echo that sentiment.  But beyond that, what sets us apart, is that we are equally passionate about our relationship with you, the client.

We have expertise in beverage, confectionary, and dairy industries, with a particular expertise in nutraceutical product formulation and bakery application.  Clients are encouraged to visit our laboratory and work hand in hand with our R&D team as we develop products tailored to your needs.

Our US facilities are located in beautiful San Diego, California and have been specifically designed to welcome and accommodate you, whether for flavor classes or one-on-one problem solving.

Established: 2017
Managing director: Christophe DUGAS
Sales Office: Yes
Production site: Yes
R&D Laboratory: Yes

The ethics contact METAROM

The ethics contact form means you can contact our ethics advisor directly to make a report.

This Metarom Group report mechanism means all internal or external actors working for the company can report a situation that might seem abnormal to them from an ethical standpoint. Reports are not necessarily based on certainty (no proof is requested), but it must be done in good faith. What is the scope of the report mechanism? When a customer, supplier or employee of Metarom France and Metarom Iberica is confronted, either as a witness of a victim, with a situation that infringes the CSR policy’s rules on ethics, they can contact the ethics advisor by filling in the form below. Reports are made under strict confidentiality, without hindrance, with the knowledge of your direct or indirect superior, the employer or an advisor designated by them. Reports can be made for problematic situations, particularly in relation to: o Business integrity (preventing corruption, unfair competition); o Equal opportunities and non-discrimination (fair management of skills, training, opportunities to develop, recruitment); oThe management of relationships with suppliers (transparent purchasing processes and objective decisions).

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