Metarom ASIA was created in Malaysia


METAROM ANDINA was created in Columbia


METAROM UMA was created in Morocco


METAROM FRANCE’s 3 sites merged to form a single site in Boves, near Amiens


The Group’s identity changed to the single brand name of METAROM


Jean-Loïc Métayer, the founder’s son, takes over the family business


METAROM AS was created in Tabor in the Czech Republic


METAROM AUSTRALIA was created near Sydney


METAROM IBERICA was created in Barcelona


The company bought Van Volxem, a Brussels-based company which was created in 1870, and METAROM Switzerland was created in Lausanne

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The ethics contact METAROM

The ethics contact form means you can contact our ethics advisor directly to make a report.

This Metarom Group report mechanism means all internal or external actors working for the company can report a situation that might seem abnormal to them from an ethical standpoint. Reports are not necessarily based on certainty (no proof is requested), but it must be done in good faith. What is the scope of the report mechanism? When a customer, supplier or employee of Metarom France and Metarom Iberica is confronted, either as a witness of a victim, with a situation that infringes the CSR policy’s rules on ethics, they can contact the ethics advisor by filling in the form below. Reports are made under strict confidentiality, without hindrance, with the knowledge of your direct or indirect superior, the employer or an advisor designated by them. Reports can be made for problematic situations, particularly in relation to: o Business integrity (preventing corruption, unfair competition); o Equal opportunities and non-discrimination (fair management of skills, training, opportunities to develop, recruitment); oThe management of relationships with suppliers (transparent purchasing processes and objective decisions).

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