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Vanilla: what makes the new flowering?

With reference to the first article in September 2016 about the vanilla market, we can today provide a snapshot of the market evolution for early 2017. Karine Costes (Head of buying at METAROM) and Renaud Bouat (Head of R&D at METAROM) summarise the situation to date and open a whole new realm of possibilities.

Can you give us an update on vanilla production?

Since last September, the situation has become more complex. In Madagascar, the world’s primary vanilla producer, available supplies remain inferior to the estimations given at the end of last year. Very high demand leads to a rise in vanilla prices.

On March the 7th, 2017, a violent cyclone hit the northern part of Madagascar.

However, the vanilla damages caused by the cyclone had a moderated impact on the farms, and we can anticipate an almost standard availability for the next crop. The missing beans, damaged, may be compensated by an expected better yield on non-hit surfaces. There is no guarantee that there won’t be another early harvest like there was in 2016.

METAROM can help you choose the right vanilla

There are dozens of vanilla typicality: vanilla notes, spicy notes, buttery notes or also woody notes. Vanilla pod typicality is particularly sought after.

Therefore vanilla is far from being universal and choices will be made based on the finished product but will also depend on the geographical area that the product is intended for.

In this respect, METAROM Group offers solutions to help you choose your vanilla flavouring.

Our products are particularly rich in taste with natural flavourings made from extracts. Our teams are present to help and advise you in the selection of profiles that satisfy the requested taste and economical requirements.

Take advantage of our Flavour class and come and meet our sales representatives, flavourists and regulatory affairs managers to custom design the many options for the optimisation of natural flavourings of vanilla.

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