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Summer drink trends: Natural & Fresh

A trendy drink, iced tea has been growing in popularity in recent years.

The connotation with “well-being” particularly appeals to women through natural and less sugary products. This year, tea is continuing to become popularised within the refreshing non-alcoholic drinks category, particularly among the flavoured waters. Following this trend, we are offering a vigorous black tea extract, with a subtle floral character and suitable for all kinds of drinks: iced tea, flavoured waters, syrups and even liqueurs.

Summer should be hot, with fruity and refreshing notes always at their best!

Citrus fruit, red fruit and berries (blueberry, raspberry) remain indispensable. Mint, which made its comeback with the famous Mojito is now returning with subtler touches to accompany other fruit such as peach or mango. Another star of the summer, adding flavour to Spritz is an international success. It goes particularly well with other fresh flavours such as green apple or, more unusually, cucumber, or even violet with its vintage pleasures.

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