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METAROM Group is opening a subsidiary in Malaysia!

For more than 60 years, METAROM Group has been an expert in the creation and fabrication of customized flavors for food manufacturers. Because the company wanted to be in close proximity to its customers the Asian project was created. The new subsidiary, METAROM Asia, based in Kuala Lumpur, was dedicated accompanied by its partners on Friday March 8th.

METAROM Group already distributes its flavor varieties in 12 Asian countries, with the support of a network of local partners. The development of this market including more than 600 million consumers and its specialties have naturally encouraged the group to establish itself on the continent. This new stage should better serve customers in the ASEAN area.

This subsidiary has production capacity and its own R&D laboratory dedicated to the creation of different flavors and their use in finished products. The facility was designed to welcome customers and to support them in their development of new products.

METAROM Asia can now provide a customized response to manufacturers in this area by combining its flexibility and responsiveness. For your projects, please contact your local team by phone at +60 327 146 210 or via email at

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