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“On The GOod” Milky & Veggie drinks: 2 winning approaches

To reach consumers, dairies are counting on high added value products. In France, speciality milk sales were up 5.1% in volume in 2016 (source: Linéaires, February 2017). At the other end of the spectrum, the vegetable milks sector is seeing a real boom in Europe. With more dynamic actors and more of them, the offer is expanding. In Germany, for example, there were nearly 100 new launches in 2016 compared with around thirty in 2012 (source: GNPD Mintel).

 Milky Drinks: the offer is getting richer

Milky drinks adapt to the lifestyles of urban populations, with travel-size formats. They are enriched specifically to target the expectations of certain categories of consumer. This includes athletes in particular, looking for high-protein, practical and gourmet products suitable for the recovery stage.


Veggie Drinks: A taste offer that is diversifying

The key to success for this segment comes from a diversified offer in terms of the vegetable sources (almond, rice, oats, hemp…) and the flavours. The warm and gourmet notes: caramel, honey, vanilla, or more exotic: mango, coconut, passion fruit are in vogue. Veggie drinks are also available in iced coffee versions, surfing on the craze for cold brewed coffee.

METAROM Group, a source of creativity in both these sectors

Inspired by these trends, METAROM Group has designed “On The GOod” drinks, delicious and healthy for all those little breaks during the day.

Light or enriched, sometimes gourmet or with subtler combinations, each drink has been thought out to appeal to a target consumer: sporty, senior or feminine.

Contact us now to discover and be inspired by our new concepts and market analysis!

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