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New flavoured beer trends!

The momentum of flavoured beers is continuing, with over 250 new products launched in Europe each year (source Mintel). Consumers are increasingly interested in product innovations, whether subtle or something quite different. The METAROM Group has been analysing global trends and has found some inspiration for you:  
  • The trend for floral flavours is starting to be seen in all product categories. Inspired by Asian culture, the Pink concept is a beer that pairs delicate cherry blossom with the sweetness of peach. This feminine creation has a sophisticated and fruity flavour.
  • Spiced notes and spirits are also pervasive in the beverage sector. The Orange concept combines the two in a creation riding the trend of flavoured rums, and draws its unique character from spicy hints of cinnamon and vanilla.
  • The trend for red berry flavours is still going strong and is developing with emerging new notes such as Blueberry and Cranberry. It should be noted that strawberry is gaining in popularity and even surpassing cherry in terms of new products launched.
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