“Classic, festive or quirky flavours for refreshing or alcoholic beverages”


Whether refreshing, festive or functional, current market trends are reflected in our drink choices. Be inspired by our festive and original flavours for alcoholic beverages such as liqueurs, cocktails or even beers. Our range offers an extensive selection of flavour options such as red fruits and citrus aromas, vanilla and chocolate flavours designed specifically for cream-based liqueurs and even trendy combinations such as the Mojito.

For non-alcoholic drinks such as sodas, flavoured waters, iced teas and concentrates, we offer the classics (Cola, Lime, Orange…) as well as fruit flavours (Strawberry, Mango, Tropical…) and a range of flavours for children’s drinks (Candyfloss, Tutti Frutti, Grenadine). All of our flavours are available in natural and emulsion versions.

“Warm and indulgent flavours for dairy products and ice creams”

Biscuit & Bakery

Our specially designed flavours for the biscuit , bakery and pastry markets promise optimum organoleptic properties and texture. Our different flavouring solutions are available in either liquid or powder form to ensure easy integration into your recipes.

Try our Vanilla, Nuts, Lemon and Butter flavours.

Our catalogue has a wide selection of indulgent flavours to suit all consumers requirements!

“Specially designed flavour solutions for biscuits and bakery products.”

Dairy products
& Ice creams

Whether you’re looking for classic, indulgent or more adventurous tastes, METAROM offers fruity, warm or spicy flavours for yoghurts, dairy desserts and ice creams.

Opt for classic pleasures with Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate, add an exotic touch with Pineapple, Mango and Coconut or try our caramel and biscuit-based flavours.

We also offer sweet and savoury flavours for cheese-based products and spreadable fats.
Our extensive selection of indulgent flavours also includes functional solutions to enhance buttery and creamy notes.

“Innovative, trendy and traditional flavours for chocolate and confection”

Confection & Chocolate

Are you involved in these innovative sectors? METAROM proposes specially designed flavours for chocolate (bars, pralines, fillings) and sweets (hard boiled, jelly, granular).

We can create the flavour of your choice for sweet confections.
Whether you’re looking for traditional flavours (Cola, Lemon, Strawberry) or more original sensations (Banoffee, Wasabi, Pop Corn), we offer a multitude of flavour profiles and combine-flavour options.

“Functional solutions for tasty and enjoyable nutritional products”


Changing lifestyle patterns are seeing us turn towards more health-conscious and easy to use products. We want to live better and for longer, reach our goals and satisfy our nutritional needs.
METAROM’s expertise ensures that these nutritional products are as tasty as possible.

We work with you on the formulation of your products in order to guarantee the most suitable flavour solutions. We also offer masking agents in order to reduce bitterness and improve mouthfeel for both slimming and sports nutrition products.

“Traditional and exotic culinary flavours !”

Savoury products

A journey through traditional and exotic flavours inspired by local and faraway destinations.

METAROM offers a wide range of tastes: spices, aromatic herbs, cheese flavours or culinary aromas.
Our range is suitable for a wide range of savoury purposes such as canned goods, ready meals, grocery products, snacks and even processed meats.

We propose flavour solutions that can add a specific aroma, enhance the taste of the finished product and even counter difficulties in the production process (cooking, conservation).

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