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METAROM Group unveils the trends in the sweet products sector in 2019!

METAROM Group has analysed the latest market trends to provide you with the flavours taking centre stage in the sweet products sector in 2019!

  • Sweet flavours are popular this year: coconut is the top exotic flavour by number of bakery, dairy and chocolate products launched in 2018.* On its own, combined with warm and gourmet flavours, or even with fruity flavours to add more freshness, it injects a hint of exoticism into your products!

  • Café latte is growing with a 45% increase in products launched over 5 years. It inspires new products and offers rich and balanced formulations thanks to its milky flavour.

  • The last growing flavour is that of “cereals”. A response to the craft trend, it is renowned for its richness and offers a unique signature taste. This reflects the expectations of consumers who are seeking authenticity and raw and natural flavours!

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*Source: Mintel GNPD

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