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Citrus Generation: Yuzu is revered!

Citrus fruit is among the preferred notes of consumers, but they are also searching for unconventional flavors. Lemon, orange and clementine are classic notes which are now challenged by new arrivals such as yuzu.

Yuzu is a “unique” product originally from Asia and often revered by top chefs. It attracts consumers due to its ambrosial complexity blending lime, grapefruit and mandarin flavors.

The number of Yuzu flavored products launched throughout the world and encompassing all categories has increased 65% in 2018 in comparison to 2016. In the beverage sector, this figure has even reached 100%! Yuzu harmonizes with spicy aromas and botanical notes creating a sophisticated character.

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Source: Mintel

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ACTI’BOOST Sweet for less sweet dairy and plant-based desserts

In the past year, 30% of new dairy products and plant alternatives launched on the European market claim a healthy positioning (source: Mintel March 2018-February 2019 dairy and plant-based desserts and ice cream).

To support this nutritional challenge and to offer products that are still tasty, ACTI’BOOST Sweet is the aromatic answer that rebalances the profile of products that are low in sugar.

Dedicated to dairy products, vegetable drinks or ice cream, its notes revive the overall taste profile which tends to flatten when the sugar content is reduced. The perception is rounder with full and harmonious notes, providing a long lasting taste in the mouth.

Its effectiveness offsets reductions of less than 30% sugar. Tailor-made accompaniment allows us to adjust the intensity and to obtain the aromatic profile which suits you. This solution has a “natural flavour” clean label (European legislation).

With ACTI’BOOST Sweet, Metarom Group accompanies you in thinking about your nutritional reformulation to support a healthier diet without compromising on taste!

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METAROM Group is opening a subsidiary in Malaysia!

For more than 60 years, METAROM Group has been an expert in the creation and fabrication of customized flavors for food manufacturers. Because the company wanted to be in close proximity to its customers the Asian project was created. The new subsidiary, METAROM Asia, based in Kuala Lumpur, was dedicated accompanied by its partners on Friday March 8th.

METAROM Group already distributes its flavor varieties in 12 Asian countries, with the support of a network of local partners. The development of this market including more than 600 million consumers and its specialties have naturally encouraged the group to establish itself on the continent. This new stage should better serve customers in the ASEAN area.

This subsidiary has production capacity and its own R&D laboratory dedicated to the creation of different flavors and their use in finished products. The facility was designed to welcome customers and to support them in their development of new products.

METAROM Asia can now provide a customized response to manufacturers in this area by combining its flexibility and responsiveness. For your projects, please contact your local team by phone at +60 327 146 210 or via email at

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ACTI’BOOST Fat : a clean label solution to significantly reduce fat content

Developed by METAROM Group, the natural flavour solution ACTI’BOOST Fat makes it possible for manufacturers of biscuits, pastries and bread to significantly reduce the butter or vegetable fat content in their recipes.

ACTI’BOOST Fat improves nutritional profile while retaining the gourmet nature of the product. It compensates for reductions of up to 50% fat content by working simultaneously on the retention of flavours and texture. It livens up the flavor profile of fat-reduced products by strengthening buttery and milky notes. It also provides mouthfeel, usually associated with fat content. The final profile is rich and harmonious.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Efficiency proven up to 50% less fat content according to the matrix

  • Global solution (flavor and technological capacity)

  • Products dedicated to biscuits and cakes

  • Tailor-made signature flavors developed (buttery, milky, creamy…)

  • Bake resistant formula

ACTI’BOOST Fat supports healthier eating thanks to its clean label solution without compromising on taste!

Contact us now to request your sample!

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New flavoured beer trends!

The momentum of flavoured beers is continuing, with over 250 new products launched in Europe each year (source Mintel). Consumers are increasingly interested in product innovations, whether subtle or something quite different. The METAROM Group has been analysing global trends and has found some inspiration for you:  
  • The trend for floral flavours is starting to be seen in all product categories. Inspired by Asian culture, the Pink concept is a beer that pairs delicate cherry blossom with the sweetness of peach. This feminine creation has a sophisticated and fruity flavour.
  • Spiced notes and spirits are also pervasive in the beverage sector. The Orange concept combines the two in a creation riding the trend of flavoured rums, and draws its unique character from spicy hints of cinnamon and vanilla.
  • The trend for red berry flavours is still going strong and is developing with emerging new notes such as Blueberry and Cranberry. It should be noted that strawberry is gaining in popularity and even surpassing cherry in terms of new products launched.
  Contact us to discover our natural flavour creations and give them a try!  

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METAROM Group unveils the trends in the beverages sector in 2019!

METAROM Group has analysed the latest market trends to provide you with the flavours taking centre stage in the beverages sector in 2019!

  • In the drinks sector, Yuzu, a citrus fruit native to Asia, is a tempting blend of lime, grapefruit and mandarin. Regularly showcased by top chefs, it has a spicy aroma with botanical notes, creating a sophisticated character.

  • Over the past 5 years, there has been a 94% increase in the number of watermelon-flavoured drinks being launched. In keeping with the “healthy” trend, consumers are enticed by its refreshing and thirst-quenching properties which are combined with red fruit, berries and citrus.

  • Latte-flavoured beverages grew by 43% over 5 years. The skimmed milk flavour enhances warm notes such as coffee and chocolate and adds a gourmet and warming touch to the beverage. It can be combined with spicy, ginger or cinnamon notes to create a more elaborate flavour profile.

Get in touch to discover our 2019 Trends presentation!

*Source: Mintel GNPD.

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Lime: a timeless flavour that makes a comeback!

 It is the summer favourite on every continent. Millenials love it in cocktails: mojitos and caipirinhas.

In just one year, the number of lime flavoured alcoholic beverages has increased by 40% worldwide Flavoured waters have focused on its fruity and fresh side with +27% launches in 2017.This tangy and energizing flavor has also seduced energy drinks for sportspeople with an increase of +170%. (Source GNPD Mintel).

METAROM Group offers natural lime flavours that will bring a zesty, fruity, green and juicy taste to your products. Contact us to discover the possibilities.

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ACTI’BOOST Sweet: Significantly reduce the sugar in your Biscuits and Cakes


In Europe, launches of reduced-sugar biscuits and cake mixes increased by +19% in 2017 vs. 2015 (source: Mintel GNPD) and this trend goes well beyond the dietetic section. However, the consumers looking for more healthy products often find that the taste is not up to scratch…

Our ACTI’BOOST Sweet range means you no longer have to compromise between taste and nutritional benefits.

Specifically dedicated to biscuits and cakes, our range means biscuits can be made with -50% added sugar while conserving an appealing taste identical to that of full-sugar biscuits. To do this, it rebalances the flavour profile of the product by providing a fullness with a hint of biscuit, vanilla and caramel.

ACTI’BOOST Sweet is also very effective in biscuits with no added sugar.

Clean Label, our flavour solutions can be declared as “natural flavours”.

Contact us to test them!

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Caramel: join the organic food dynamic!

The move towards ORGANIC food, motivated by a more healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle, is still growing. Germany and France are the second and third highest consumers of Organic products in the world, with 11% and 8% respectively behind the USA, the highest consumers with 46% (Bio Linéaires, June 2018).

These inspiring and long-lasting dynamics lead to new adapted offers from manufacturers, in private labels and national brands, and dedicated aisles that are expanding.

At METAROM Group, we have developed a certified organic caramel filling to support this growing trend and keep committed consumers happy! Each ingredient has been meticulously sourced for you to benefit from a deliciously authentic caramel, whilst responding to new nutrition challenges. As a partner to all your caramel developments, we are at your side – committed to organic products!

PS: our CARA’SENS product ranges are also enriched in caramel 100% made in France!

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