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Discover our natural flavor range dedicated to dairy alternatives

Boosted by its nutritional and ethical positioning, the global plant-based desserts and ice cream market is performing well: +30% launches in 2019 (Source: Mintel launches June 2018-May 2019 vs June 2016-May 2017).

To support your new developments, METAROM Group is launching a natural aromatic range that improves the taste perception of beverages, desserts and plant-based fermented specialties.

ACTI’MASK specifically addresses the problems of each plant source: Soya, almond, rice and oats. They neutralize off-notes and reduce the undesirable flavors associated with plant-based products. Its coating properties enhance the creamy sensation associated with dairy products and produce a long-lasting taste.

According to your taste expectations and the philosophy of your products, we offer various aromatic options: from neutral and consensual profiles to gourmet dairy aromatic signatures.

Based on our aromatic expertise, ACTI’MASK is an agile and bespoke range. It guarantees you a personalized approach according to the organoleptic properties of your matrix.

To sample our functional range and discover the latest aromatic trends available, contact us!

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