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We are passionate about caramel and firmly believe that its authentic flavour will add a touch of indulgence to any product. So we have used our extensive knowledge of the ingredients and our skilful mastery of the caramelisation process to develop CARA’LIGHT, a low-calorie caramel rich in fibre for healthy products still really tasty. This is the only caramel of its kind on the market and, with at least 30% less calories than a standard caramel, it is a real technical prowess.

Not only can it be used in the biscuit industry for dietary bars and biscuits, it is also delicious in chocolates as a filling and ice creams as a topping.

So why not come along to the CFIA exhibition (Hall 7, Stand B12) and be one of the first to taste METAROM Group’s latest caramel?

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