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Dairy products & plant-based alternatives: ACTI’BOOST Sweet, helping to reduce sugar content

The trend for “reduced sugar” formulations for dairy products and plant-based alternatives is accelerating, concerning 21.7% of product launches in 2017, compared to 7.6% in 2013 (Mintel, GNPD).   ACTI’BOOST Sweet is a natural flavour solution that can compensate for a reduction in sugar of up to 30% in dairy-based desserts, flavoured milks and plant-based alternatives. It is resistant to pasteurization and effective in acidic conditions. ACTI’BOOST Sweet reinforces the perception of sweetness and the flavour profile, and creates a coating sensation similar to sugar. For example, an apricot yoghurt, in addition to sweetness, will have enhanced notes of fruit, jam and almonds.   The range includes variations with notes of woody vanilla or notes of caramelized brown sugar. We will be delighted to offer our expertise to develop customized solutions that do not make any compromises with flavour!

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