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Combine the strengths of the bakery and pastry sectors: Extra Gourmet Cake and Nutri-Score B

The mature market for biscuits, Danish type pastry and industrial pastry is doing well, with an average annual growth of +5% for the 15 largest French players over the last 3 years (Source: Les Echos Etudes 2019). Its exports are dynamic thanks to its French gastronomic excellence image, and the segment is on the lookout for innovation levers to stand out and adapt to changing consumer expectations.

Product taste appeal, an irrefutable criterion, is at the heart of developments. The success of the Nutella Biscuit, which topped the list of 2019 Consumer-Fresh self service launches (Nielsen), bears witness to this.

In parallel, consumers are increasingly responsive to healthy food and are demanding transparency on the products they consume. The development of nutritional quality scoring applications is prompting manufacturers to eliminate controversial ingredients and prefer more balanced recipes.

The ACTI’SENS range has taken on these issues to deliver bakery and pastry industrials solutions that combine pleasure, natural qualities and health!

Nutritional improvement especially implies reducing the 2 pillars essential to pleasure: SUGAR and FAT. Our teams have set themselves a mission to achieve a Nutri-Score B for a cake while keeping its indulgent character.

The combination of our technical and aromatic solutions, ACTI’BOOST Sweet & Fat, makes it possible to achieve this taste-related feat. They give the Nutri-Score B cake a buttery, sweet, subtly caramelized profile and a tasty texture.

A consumer test involving 60 panelists showed an equal preference for the ACTI’SENS Nutri-Score B cake and the standard cake on the market which is Nutri-Score D!

Unique on the market, discover our solutions to meet the new food challenges!

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