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Coconut does its thing!

Coconut is experiencing worldwide success! This fruit invites you to travel and offers several flavour possibilities. It satisfies consumers looking for an exotic touch and is ideal for savoury and sweet recipes.

This trend is particularly strong in Europe and Asia: in 5 years, new coconut flavoured product launches have more than doubled, mainly including biscuits, snack bars and beverages.

Coconut will therefore continue to invade our everyday lives! Behind this coconut flavour is a multitude of tastes:

  • The coconut water aromatic note will provide lightness and freshness

  • The coconut flesh flavour will produce a fruity taste

  • The coconut milk note will offer smoothness and creaminess

  • Caramelised coconut will delight gourmets

And why not combine it with another flavour? Its exotic origins marry perfectly with mango or pineapple.

If this note appeals to you and you would like to discover our aromatic versions, contact us!

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