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Chocolates: Indulgence still top priority

Now an item for everyday consumption, chocolate confectionary ranges are continuing to diversify. From the most subtle flavours combined with premium ingredients, consumers now have a wide range of choice when it comes to treating themselves with chocolate.

The most widely-launched format for chocolate products in Europe is the tablet. This format has also become the most popular choice among French consumers. Thinner chocolate tablets (often labelled “dégustation” or “tasting chocolate”) combine premium placement with high-quality, original ingredients, and target chocolate lovers in search of refined and exotic flavour combinations. Thicker tablets are a more recent arrival on the market, and are often filled with fruit, dried fruit, biscuit or cereals to satisfy customers with bigger appetites.

White chocolate making its big comeback. With 2.5 times more new tablets launched in 2015, white chocolate is back and is being combined with new fruity flavours such as lime, blueberry and raspberry. “Blonde” chocolate is also on the rise; its flavour notes of salted butter caramel and biscuit appeal to both chocolate lovers and consumers eager to try new products.

Food companies are launching new formats to increase opportunities for consumption. “Mini bouchées” (miniature pastry cases) are ideal for snacks and treats, and also allow customers to control how much they consume. An extension of the same trend, confectionary products featuring chocolate-covered fruit provide consumers with a healthier alternative, and appeal especially to women.

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