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METAROM “Natural X Flavorings”: A new step forward for Naturalness and Pleasure

METAROM “Natural X Flavorings”: A new step forward for Naturalness and Pleasure

Concerned about a healthy and natural diet, 72% of consumers consider the word “natural” as the sign of a clean label product. According to the SNIAA, the demand for Natural flavorings represents 70% of production in France . Recently, the “Natural X Flavoring”, known as NXF, has been making headlines. The X directly refers to the raw material from which it comes, which has the advantage of strengthening the product’s image of naturalness and transparency with consumers.

The difference between NXF and “Natural Flavoring” lies in its formulation, which requires that at least 95% of the flavoring part comes from X. At METAROM, we use our own extracts which we combine with a maximum of 5% of other natural flavoring agents to provide the desired specificity.

Today, METAROM France is launching its new NXF range, specially created to meet the challenges facing industrials: aromatic intensity, diversified profiles and controlled costs. The production of our own extracts in our distillation workshops from fruit, plants and herbs, gives us complete control over the process and makes it possible to obtain unique signatures. As a specialist in sweetness, our priority is to focus on the main aromatic notes:

  • in beverages: lemon, mint, mango…

  • in dairy products: strawberry, raspberry…

  • and in the bakery and pastry sector: apricot, apple, coconut, …

Are you looking for caramel NXF? Thanks to our second business, that of caramel creator, we have combined our 2 skills to offer you an in-house Caramel NXF. Unique by its production circuit, we guarantee both the production of the caramel, its distillation and the production of the NXF.

Are you targeting a transparent position, a source of trust for your consumers? Are you looking for indulgent and authentic flavors? Our NXF range is for you.

Contact us to check out our range of flavors!

Août 2020

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Mango – the new must-have tropical flavor for European palates

This highly fragrant fruit is attracting increasing numbers of consumers with its smooth and juicy flesh. The several thousand varieties of mango offer a diversity of colors and flavors. A genuine aromatic trend resulting in an 8% increase in the number of products launched in Europe between 2018 and 2019.

It particularly appeals to lovers of intensely fruity desserts looking for an exotic experience. Its generosity sublimates ice creams and yogurts. Even refined chocolates and cookies use it as inspiration for a touch of originality!

Want to check out our aromatic creations and get samples? Contact us:

Source: Mintel

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HARD SELTZER – The trending drink of the year

Originally from America, hard seltzers are shaking up the alcoholic beverage segment.

The market is indeed growing on the American continent. According to the Les Echos newspaper, sales of hard seltzer totaled $ 229 million in the first month of lockdown, a new record since last summer (170 million).

They are inspired by flavored water codes with their hydrating benefits and fruity flavors.

This fermented drink, with reduced sugar and low alcohol content, attracts young consumers for its innovative and fashionable aspects. Popular in summer or at the beach, they are considered an alternative to beer or strong alcohols.

Building on this success, new brands are positioning themselves on this segment and helping to expand the aromatic offer on the market with cocktail (Pina Colada, Mojito, Cosmopolitan) or botanical notes for more sophisticated profiles!

Would you like to find out more ? Contact us now :

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Tonic – A natural and refined profile

Tonic appeared in the 19th century, made from quinine or gentian it reveals a subtle and herbaceous taste. Part of the gin trend, its natural and refined profile makes it stand out.

Its delicate bitterness attracts new consumers looking for drinks that are both refreshing and high in character.

The number of new Tonic flavor products launched worldwide increased by +46% in the beverage category over the May 2019-April 2020 period compared to May 2017-April 2018.

Tonic is highlighted by a combination of sparkling water and citrus fruits such as lemon, lime or grapefruit. It also blends well with botanical notes.

Would you like to find out more or receive samples? Contact us now to discover this must-have note:

Source: Mintel

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COVID 19 – Message from the President of Metarom

Durability, Safety, Ethics,

The values of Metarom Group will never sound as strongly as they do in those times for our countries, our ecosystems of partners, customers and suppliers and our collective of collaborators.

This unprecedented global health crisis we are experiencing with the Covid-19 requires a full support to the government decisions. We commit ourselves to relay all the protection campaigns and limit as much as possible unnecessary travels and presence on our sites.

As a supplier of the food chain ingredients, we must also ensure continuity in manufacturing and delivering while maintaining absolute safety for our productions and our employees. Furthermore, it’s our duty, to the extent of our supply capacity, to deliver our customer’s orders.

Because we are a responsible player in our professional sector, we will pay attention to our customers and suppliers to ensure on the long term, that we will get out of this difficult time altogether.

We are totally focused on managing our mission and protecting our human environment, as far as we can. At a time when we all have to rely on collective values, METAROM Group is present.

We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks and months for more positive communications, focused on our strengths in innovation and development. For the time being, altogether, for all of us, we resist.



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The year of purple brings us new flavours!


Last year, green was the must-have colour on our plates – now, it’s purple’s turn to take centre stage: The Pantone Institute has named “Ultra-violet” (18-3838) as its colour of the year!

This shade oozes hope and creativity and is all the rage in our food and on social media.

Until recently, purple fruits were very much under-represented in the food we eat, but now scientists are extolling their numerous benefits.

A number of products containing purple fruits have been launched this year (particularly in Europe), mainly involving biscuits, snacks and dairy products.

Whether it’s figs, blueberries, blackcurrants, grapes or blackberries, these super fruits are packed with flavour, and are a real treat for the taste buds!

Contact us to find out more about all our purple possibilities!


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NEW ! Video «On The GOod» Milky & Veggy drinks

METAROM Group has designed milky and veggy drinks “On The GOod ! Delicious and healthy for all those little breaks during the day. With less sugar or enriched, sometimes gourmet or with subtler combinations, each drink has been thought out to appeal to a target consumer: sport, senior or feminine.

Discover in 1min30 our concept On the Good!

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Jean-Loïc Métayer, CEO of the METAROM Group, has received the EY award for a family-owned business in the Northern region of France

 On 5 October 2017, Jean-Loïc Métayer received the EY Award of Honour in the Family-owned business category. This award goes to a “family-owned business having defined a sustainable strategy upheld by values and transparent governance”.

Since its establishment by Maurice Métayer over 60 years ago, the group has constantly developed in France and abroad. Today, this human-scale group, employing 210 people, is driven by strong values such as promoting local employment, sharing its success with all its employees and taking a long-term customer support. Sustainable growth approach is a daily concern for the METAROM Group!


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Bakery, Pastry and Biscuit: let’s talk about vanilla!  

Last 18 months, the vanilla market has experienced unprecedented challenges. The enthusiasm for this universal flavour has created an imbalance between supply and demand, leading to record prices for vanilla beans in 2017.

To optimise its use in bakery and biscuits, METAROM has developed a complete range based on vanilla closely tailored to the sector’s requirements.

It brings together different labelling options, including authentic solutions and more economical alternatives, both natural and tasty: this toolbox will provide you with solutions which will meet each criteria searched.

Because there is not one single vanilla taste, but dozens of possibilities, our range takes on different profiles: woody with an intense bean flavour, anisic with a fresh and subtle taste or even a subtly buttery vanilla…

This broad range is designed to hone your expectations and jointly develop your own specific vanilla hallmark, at the right price!

How do you like your vanilla? Contact us!


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Coconut does its thing!

Coconut is experiencing worldwide success! This fruit invites you to travel and offers several flavour possibilities. It satisfies consumers looking for an exotic touch and is ideal for savoury and sweet recipes.

This trend is particularly strong in Europe and Asia: in 5 years, new coconut flavoured product launches have more than doubled, mainly including biscuits, snack bars and beverages.

Coconut will therefore continue to invade our everyday lives! Behind this coconut flavour is a multitude of tastes:

  • The coconut water aromatic note will provide lightness and freshness

  • The coconut flesh flavour will produce a fruity taste

  • The coconut milk note will offer smoothness and creaminess

  • Caramelised coconut will delight gourmets

And why not combine it with another flavour? Its exotic origins marry perfectly with mango or pineapple.

If this note appeals to you and you would like to discover our aromatic versions, contact us!

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