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Tonic – A natural and refined profile

Tonic appeared in the 19th century, made from quinine or gentian it reveals a subtle and herbaceous taste. Part of the gin trend, its natural and refined profile makes it stand out.

Its delicate bitterness attracts new consumers looking for drinks that are both refreshing and high in character.

The number of new Tonic flavor products launched worldwide increased by +46% in the beverage category over the May 2019-April 2020 period compared to May 2017-April 2018.

Tonic is highlighted by a combination of sparkling water and citrus fruits such as lemon, lime or grapefruit. It also blends well with botanical notes.

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Source: Mintel

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Praline – A path to seduction

Praline is made from roasted almonds or hazelnuts which are then sugar-coated.

This refined preparation appeals to people with a sweet tooth who enjoy exceptional desserts, ice creams or chocolates and is experiencing renewed popularity in Europe! With its toasted and caramelized notes which are the result of unique know-how, praline is a perfect fit for a premium offer.

A true aromatic trend in the bakery and pastry sector, praline products launched in Europe increased by +37% between 2018 and 2019.

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Source: Mintel

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Combine the strengths of the bakery and pastry sectors: Extra Gourmet Cake and Nutri-Score B

The mature market for biscuits, Danish type pastry and industrial pastry is doing well, with an average annual growth of +5% for the 15 largest French players over the last 3 years (Source: Les Echos Etudes 2019). Its exports are dynamic thanks to its French gastronomic excellence image, and the segment is on the lookout for innovation levers to stand out and adapt to changing consumer expectations.

Product taste appeal, an irrefutable criterion, is at the heart of developments. The success of the Nutella Biscuit, which topped the list of 2019 Consumer-Fresh self service launches (Nielsen), bears witness to this.

In parallel, consumers are increasingly responsive to healthy food and are demanding transparency on the products they consume. The development of nutritional quality scoring applications is prompting manufacturers to eliminate controversial ingredients and prefer more balanced recipes.

The ACTI’SENS range has taken on these issues to deliver bakery and pastry industrials solutions that combine pleasure, natural qualities and health!

Nutritional improvement especially implies reducing the 2 pillars essential to pleasure: SUGAR and FAT. Our teams have set themselves a mission to achieve a Nutri-Score B for a cake while keeping its indulgent character.

The combination of our technical and aromatic solutions, ACTI’BOOST Sweet & Fat, makes it possible to achieve this taste-related feat. They give the Nutri-Score B cake a buttery, sweet, subtly caramelized profile and a tasty texture.

A consumer test involving 60 panelists showed an equal preference for the ACTI’SENS Nutri-Score B cake and the standard cake on the market which is Nutri-Score D!

Unique on the market, discover our solutions to meet the new food challenges!

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COVID 19 – Message from the President of Metarom

Durability, Safety, Ethics,

The values of Metarom Group will never sound as strongly as they do in those times for our countries, our ecosystems of partners, customers and suppliers and our collective of collaborators.

This unprecedented global health crisis we are experiencing with the Covid-19 requires a full support to the government decisions. We commit ourselves to relay all the protection campaigns and limit as much as possible unnecessary travels and presence on our sites.

As a supplier of the food chain ingredients, we must also ensure continuity in manufacturing and delivering while maintaining absolute safety for our productions and our employees. Furthermore, it’s our duty, to the extent of our supply capacity, to deliver our customer’s orders.

Because we are a responsible player in our professional sector, we will pay attention to our customers and suppliers to ensure on the long term, that we will get out of this difficult time altogether.

We are totally focused on managing our mission and protecting our human environment, as far as we can. At a time when we all have to rely on collective values, METAROM Group is present.

We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks and months for more positive communications, focused on our strengths in innovation and development. For the time being, altogether, for all of us, we resist.



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Citrus generation: top up your vitamins with mandarins!

Originating from Asia and the mandarin tree, this fruit is grown in hot countries and is popular with consumers because it has no pips!

This subtly acid citrus fruit pleases because of its sweet and fragrant pulp. A major trend for 2020 in the beverage sector, it is perfect with non-alcoholic beverages such as still or sparkling water, but is also a sensation when added to beer. Its bark and juice are used to give fresh and fruity flavour.

This phenomenon is not just a passing fashion as the number of mandarin products launched worldwide has increased by + 27% over the past three years .

For an elaborate profile, the mandarin combines with floral notes like hibiscus and other citrus fruits like orange and lemon .

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Source: Mintel.

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METAROM Group unveils the trends in the beverages sector in 2020!

On your behalf, METAROM Group teams have analysed the new flavour trends that we’ll see a lot of in 2020 in the drinks sector.

  • Citrus fruits are proving essential in drinks. This year, the mildly acidic mandarin has seduced consumers with its sweet, fragrant pulp.

  • And further afield: the lychee—a quintessential exotic fruit—has found a home in drinks.

  • Tonic is known for its subtle bitterness. Thanks to gin’s resurgence, tonic is now forging its own path, particularly in sparkling drinks.

To see our entire Trends 2020 presentation, contact us at the following address:!

*Source: Mintel GNPD.

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METAROM Group unveils the trends in the sweet products sector in 2020!


On your behalf, METAROM Group teams have analysed the new flavour trends that we’ll see a lot of in 2020 in the sweet products sector.

  • A new exotic favourite, the mango has become a benchmark flavour alongside coconut and banana.

  • Relaxing blends of Chai spices will allow for a spiritual change of scenery.

  • Pralines will be adorning ice creams, chocolates, and biscuits. They provide gourmet palates a refined instance of sweetness.

To see our entire Trends 2020 presentation, contact us at the following address:!

*Sources : Mintel GNPD

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METAROM France is doubling the size of its innovation space!

On October 9, 2019, in the presence of its partners, METAROM France inaugurated a new 500m2 space dedicated to innovation. This is an important step in the development of the group which is invested in addressing the food challenges of the future: Natural, Nutritious, and Delightful!

Flavors and caramels that are “Prepared with Love”

The family-owned business METAROM is

  • two distinct business lines : food flavourings and specialty caramels;

  • an R&D team of around 20 employees with the same passion: taste!

Between 2014 and 2018, METAROM France had already invested €2.6 million in a project to expand and modernize its site in Amiens to respond to its development.

In 2019, doubling the space devoted to Research and Development (R&D) was the logical next step in this development. This project demonstrates the company’s desire to provide its customers with “tailor-made” solutions and regularly offer them new products. To support its activity, the R & D team has created four permanent positions over the last two years, which has led to the creation of four new production positions.

Innovating on a daily basis

A total budget of € 1 million has been allocated to developing these new spaces in order to support the Group’s strategic priorities:

  • Naturalness : the space dedicated to the development of aromatic extracts has been increased threefold to reinforce this longstanding expertise and contribute to the development of natural aromatic solutions ;

  • Health : To anticipate consumers’ changing expectations, the spaces devoted to creating new flavours, to sensory analysis and the implementation laboratory have been modernized. They support the launch of the new ACTI’SENS range. With these new aromatic solutions METAROM Group accompanies manufacturers in their nutritional reformulations, to create products that have less fat and sugar but the same great taste;

  • Delicacy : the new development spaces dedicated to caramels support, among other things, the launch of a new range of stable fillings for cooking which are tasty and unique on the market.

 A project in line with corporate development

This investment was also developed with the objective of promoting the well-being of employees. The ergonomics of workstations and olfactory comfort have been taken into account with the installation of latest generation equipment.

Lastly, the METAROM France R&D teams are working closely with different universities and schools in the area.  This new platform will benefit future cooperation.

*Prepared with love

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The boom in plant-based desserts: the latest aromatic trends!

The market for plant-based desserts is changing in scale. Boosted by a sustainable and natural positioning that reflects consumer demands, this market is now demanding an offer that provides a tasteful treat.

At the same time, this category is mindful of promoting its health benefits. 25% of the launches in Europe highlighted their low sugar content in 2018 (Source: Mintel GNPD).

To meet these taste bud challenges, explore these aromatic trends driving the category. They’ve inspired us to offer you new concepts!

To accompany the new plant-based releases, timeless hints such as vanilla, red berries, and orchard fruits are at the heart of the launches. These attractive hints of flavor encourage consumers to try a new plant-based source, with remarkable texture and functional ingredients. As blueberry is more unusual, awareness of it should be developed.

To win over experience lovers, exotic flavors are becoming a sensation. Coconut in particular is hugely successful, due to both its texture and its full-bodied taste. The combinations of tropical fruits, with mango, pineapple and passion fruit, offer flavorful concepts that adventurous palates appreciate.

The tasteful segment is also hiring its public! Plants are part of chocolate, caramel and barista-style recipes, and are positioned as a real dessert.

Low sugar content is inherent to the plant-based offer, and is a key stake in the segment. METAROM Group offers ACTI’BOOST Sweet, a natural aromatic solution that restores the burst and the initial delicacy of the profile, and that strengthens the sugary perception at the same time.

To experiment with the latest trends, ask to taste our latest concepts!

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Discover our natural flavor range dedicated to dairy alternatives

Boosted by its nutritional and ethical positioning, the global plant-based desserts and ice cream market is performing well: +30% launches in 2019 (Source: Mintel launches June 2018-May 2019 vs June 2016-May 2017).

To support your new developments, METAROM Group is launching a natural aromatic range that improves the taste perception of beverages, desserts and plant-based fermented specialties.

ACTI’MASK specifically addresses the problems of each plant source: Soya, almond, rice and oats. They neutralize off-notes and reduce the undesirable flavors associated with plant-based products. Its coating properties enhance the creamy sensation associated with dairy products and produce a long-lasting taste.

According to your taste expectations and the philosophy of your products, we offer various aromatic options: from neutral and consensual profiles to gourmet dairy aromatic signatures.

Based on our aromatic expertise, ACTI’MASK is an agile and bespoke range. It guarantees you a personalized approach according to the organoleptic properties of your matrix.

To sample our functional range and discover the latest aromatic trends available, contact us!

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