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Discover a globally unique Bakestable Caramel!

The CARA’SENS range is expanding, with the launch of a stable cooking caramel specifically for this sector, it offers manufacturers of bread, cakes and pastries a flavorsome solution for filling prior to cooking.

Delicious and effective, it has been especially developed to withstand very high temperatures (>200°C) for several minutes. After cooking, it retains an unbelievably buttery, genuine texture! This caramel is especially suitable for filling : croissants, breads, turnovers, rolls, and brownies. It does not interrupt/ interfere with the mold : no bubbles, drips or holes, and it does not affect the rise of dough or the flakes of pastry. It is stable when frozen.

Caramel remains a global best-seller; this traditional product is the perfect answer to the needs of manufacturers seeking gourmand variations. There is a range of different profiles: Toffee, salted Caramel and salted butter caramel.

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Caramel’s popularity has continued to grow all over the world. An increasing number of caramel products is launched every year, with 1500 in 2017, compared to 1100 in 2013. (Source: Mintel GNPD) This trend is apparent across all sweet products, from ice-cream to chocolate and biscuits.     Made in France with French ingredients, this caramel is unique! Its superb ingredients are a guarantee of authenticity and quality. The butter comes from Isigny Sainte Mère, in Normandy, while the salt is from the famous Guérande salt marshes.     This gourmet caramel is available as a filling or a coating: why wait? Try it now!

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Salted caramel: a best seller

 Judging by its success, salted caramel is a safe bet. Between 2013 and 2016, an increase of 68% in launches of new products containing it. The USA and the United Kingdom are particularly fond of it with respectively more than 200 and 80 products launched last year (source: GNPD Mintel). Biscuits, desserts, ice creams and chocolate are some of the indulgence categories that have adopted it!

A caramel that is both regional and universal. In Nordic countries, caramel is consumed very salty, as is liquorice, while other European countries prefer it in a subtler form. In France, it is enhanced with a salt of geographical origin, like the salt of Guérande or the Camargue.

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“Dairy free” caramel topping for ice cream

In its drive to develop innovative solutions, our teams have perfected a dairy free and vegan caramel topping, made without the use of dairy or animal products, intended for the ice cream segment.

In 2016, vegan ice creams accounted for 4.5% of new products launched in Europe compared to 1.5% in 2014 (source: MINTEL 2016). These products are targeting new flexitarian consumers who are trying to balance their input of animal and plant products in their diet.

Our approach consisted of perfecting a caramel with no dairy ingredients that preserved the organoleptic features and the technical properties of a classic caramel.

Milk is replaced by soya proteins that were selected to maintain smoothness. The amount of water is adjusted so as to avoid crystallisation phenomenas and the addition of calcium guarantees the correct formation of gel. Finally, natural flavouring helps to add milk and creamy notes.

As a topping, marbling or in inclusion, it’s sure to please consumers who are eager to find healthy products but aren’t prepared to lose out on taste.

It should be remembered that if your ice cream mix is plant milk based, our Acti’Mask Pro range was developed to accompany the sensory optimisation of cow’s milk substitutes.

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