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“Indulgent and fruity solutions suitable for chocolate fillings”

Chocolate Factory

CARA’SENS proposes a range of classic and festive fillings for both bars and individual chocolates.

We provide a selection of caramels that have been specifically created for use in the chocolate sector and designed for easy use on your production lines.
In addition to our extensive range of caramels, we also offer richly-textured fruit fillings in a wide variety of flavours and colours. This range also includes authentic flavoured fillings such as chocolate, vanilla and liquorice.

“A range of caramels for flavouring, marbling and topping ice creams !”

Ice creams

CARA’SENS offers all kinds of sweet solutions for your ice creams!

Caramels flavours to integrate into your recipes to flavour your products and add extra creaminess.
Caramel toppings to bring a touch of indulgence and decorate your products.
Special marbling caramels to add fine layers of caramel, creamy centres and more intense tasting pleasure.

Our topping and blending caramels have been specially created to ensure controlled crystallization during freezing. The texture ensures an intensely smooth result in the finished product.

“An extensive range of caramels for your dessert recipes !”

Dairy Products

We propose a range of flavouring caramels for dairy desserts. A wide choice of caramel profiles to choose from: sweet, roasted, creamy, toffee or even butterscotch.

The CARA’SENS range also includes textured caramels for dessert toppings. Our recipes have been specifically designed for use with dairy products and respond to water transfer phenomenon.
We also offer bake-stable caramel toppings for baked cream-based desserts.

“A specific range to meet the demands of the biscuit market”

BISCUIT & Bakery

We offer a range of caramel fillings designed specifically for biscuits, cereal products and snack bars.

The CARA’SENS products that have been specifically designed for the biscuit market respond to technical difficulties with regard to conservation. Our recipes are adapted to take into account manufacturing restrictions and the desired tasting texture.

Bake-stable caramels for the industrial bakery and patisserie markets are also available.

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