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“Cara’Sens – blends tentalising taste with technical sophistication!”


Our passion for caramel began in 1953 and we continue to promote this authentic, well-loved flavour to this day.

We have developed our expertise over the years and our knowledge is based on an in-depth understanding of our ingredients and the caramelisation process.

Our dedicated team are on hand every day to share their technical expertise and creativity in order to provide you with easy to use solutions and delicious flavours.

“Discover a world of tastes, textures and colours!”

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Choose between traditional flavours or more creative variations :

Taste profiles including Toffee, Dulce de Leche and Butterscotch.
Caramels that bear your signature, developed according to your specific requirements.
Original caramels with exotic, spicy or dessert-based flavour notes!

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With subtle, balanced or intense aromatic profiles to bring extra flavour to your recipes.

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A large choice of textures depending on the desired effect.

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To be used for toppings, layers and marbling.

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From yellow to dark brown. Including ‘Clean Label’ solutions.

“A range of indulgent, fruity and authentic flavours !”

  • Our other products

    Thanks to our expertise in fillings and toppings, we are able to propose an additional range of sweet solutions.

    We have created filling recipes that combine indulgence and authenticity.
    Choose from the following two styles: Fruity fillings with preserved taste such as lemon, raspberry or exotic fruits.
    Warm-flavoured fillings such as vanilla, chocolate or even liquorice.

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