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Caramel: join the organic food dynamic!

The move towards ORGANIC food, motivated by a more healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle, is still growing. Germany and France are the second and third highest consumers of Organic products in the world, with 11% and 8% respectively behind the USA, the highest consumers with 46% (Bio Linéaires, June 2018).

These inspiring and long-lasting dynamics lead to new adapted offers from manufacturers, in private labels and national brands, and dedicated aisles that are expanding.

At METAROM Group, we have developed a certified organic caramel filling to support this growing trend and keep committed consumers happy! Each ingredient has been meticulously sourced for you to benefit from a deliciously authentic caramel, whilst responding to new nutrition challenges. As a partner to all your caramel developments, we are at your side – committed to organic products!

PS: our CARA’SENS product ranges are also enriched in caramel 100% made in France!

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