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Beers Unique, Fashion, and Feminine!

For several years there has been a noteworthy resurgence in interest for beer. This is the result of the capacities for innovation of microbreweries and international and national brands. They have been able to arouse consumer curiosity with new varieties and flavours. A now trendy drink, beer is looking to win over new consumers. To continue their progressive growth, brewers are developing “unique”, “young” or even “feminine” beer.

A focus on trends

Brewers draw upon their expertise and their history to back up the quality and authenticity of their beer. Inspired by the current Craft trend, they’re now developing subtle brews using new varieties of hops, barrel fermentation, or even entirely new ingredients. The objective is to be able to differentiate themselves by offering unique and complex beers that stick in the consumer’s mind.

Brewers are also looking to appeal to “young” people’s tastes. This target market has a less mature palate and appreciates atypical and trendy notes that aren’t too bitter. “Spirit” flavourings like rum, tequila, vodka, and more recently whiskey have been seducing this consumer group.

Also, beer consumption amongst women is now on the rise. To meet their expectations, the range of flavoured 0% alcohol beer or Radler-type beers has broadened. Inspired by a trend towards well-being and naturalness, these light beers are characterised by refreshing notes, such as mango, peach, grapefruit, tea, elderflower, and mint.

Our suggestion box

In line with these current trends, the Metarom Group has developed 3 ranges. The sublime “Signature” range, defined by the finesse and subtlety of classic vintage beers, making them fully unique. The “Fashion” range, which is in keeping with alcohols that are currently trendy amongst young people. And finally, for women, the “Feminine” range, featuring three types of Radler with fruity and flowery notes.

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