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Bakery, Pastry and Biscuit: let’s talk about vanilla!  

Last 18 months, the vanilla market has experienced unprecedented challenges. The enthusiasm for this universal flavour has created an imbalance between supply and demand, leading to record prices for vanilla beans in 2017.

To optimise its use in bakery and biscuits, METAROM has developed a complete range based on vanilla closely tailored to the sector’s requirements.

It brings together different labelling options, including authentic solutions and more economical alternatives, both natural and tasty: this toolbox will provide you with solutions which will meet each criteria searched.

Because there is not one single vanilla taste, but dozens of possibilities, our range takes on different profiles: woody with an intense bean flavour, anisic with a fresh and subtle taste or even a subtly buttery vanilla…

This broad range is designed to hone your expectations and jointly develop your own specific vanilla hallmark, at the right price!

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