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Bakery, Pastry and Biscuit: let’s talk about vanilla!  

Last 18 months, the vanilla market has experienced unprecedented challenges. The enthusiasm for this universal flavour has created an imbalance between supply and demand, leading to record prices for vanilla beans in 2017.

To optimise its use in bakery and biscuits, METAROM has developed a complete range based on vanilla closely tailored to the sector’s requirements.

It brings together different labelling options, including authentic solutions and more economical alternatives, both natural and tasty: this toolbox will provide you with solutions which will meet each criteria searched.

Because there is not one single vanilla taste, but dozens of possibilities, our range takes on different profiles: woody with an intense bean flavour, anisic with a fresh and subtle taste or even a subtly buttery vanilla…

This broad range is designed to hone your expectations and jointly develop your own specific vanilla hallmark, at the right price!

How do you like your vanilla? Contact us!


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Coconut does its thing!

Coconut is experiencing worldwide success! This fruit invites you to travel and offers several flavour possibilities. It satisfies consumers looking for an exotic touch and is ideal for savoury and sweet recipes.

This trend is particularly strong in Europe and Asia: in 5 years, new coconut flavoured product launches have more than doubled, mainly including biscuits, snack bars and beverages.

Coconut will therefore continue to invade our everyday lives! Behind this coconut flavour is a multitude of tastes:

  • The coconut water aromatic note will provide lightness and freshness

  • The coconut flesh flavour will produce a fruity taste

  • The coconut milk note will offer smoothness and creaminess

  • Caramelised coconut will delight gourmets

And why not combine it with another flavour? Its exotic origins marry perfectly with mango or pineapple.

If this note appeals to you and you would like to discover our aromatic versions, contact us!

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ACTI’BOOST Sweet, flavour solution dedicated to low-sugar beverages

At the FIE in Frankfurt, METAROM Group is intending to launch its new “High Performance” booster solution, ACTI’BOOST Sweet dedicated to low-sugar beverages.

Between 2010 and 2016, launches of “reduced/low/zero sugar” products grew by 100%. The beverage segment is the most committed to this approach (24% of launches on all products bearing such claims). Source: Mintel GNPD

Sugar plays an essential role in product flavour. Reducing the quantity of sugar without altering the flavouring profile of the product is therefore a real challenge.

The ACTI’BOOST Sweet range has been specifically designed to offset reduced sugar content of up to 30% in beverages.

Labelled “Natural Flavouring”, it adapts to the specific features of each matrix: carbonated beverages, drinks made with juices, lemonades, iced tea, etc. Its formulation is also resistant to pasteurisation.

This natural solution acts in synergy with the matrix. It boosts the sugar profile in the mix while enhancing the favouring profile of the beverage. These simultaneous actions strengthen the general sweet perception of the beverage.

Our range includes solutions suitable for dairy products and plant-based drinks.

ACTI’BOOST Sweet allows consumers to enjoy nutritionally beneficial beverages without compromising on taste.

Make the most of the FIE in Frankfurt to test our solutions on the METAROM Group stand, no. H9B61!


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Summer drink trends: Natural & Fresh

A trendy drink, iced tea has been growing in popularity in recent years.

The connotation with “well-being” particularly appeals to women through natural and less sugary products. This year, tea is continuing to become popularised within the refreshing non-alcoholic drinks category, particularly among the flavoured waters. Following this trend, we are offering a vigorous black tea extract, with a subtle floral character and suitable for all kinds of drinks: iced tea, flavoured waters, syrups and even liqueurs.

Summer should be hot, with fruity and refreshing notes always at their best!

Citrus fruit, red fruit and berries (blueberry, raspberry) remain indispensable. Mint, which made its comeback with the famous Mojito is now returning with subtler touches to accompany other fruit such as peach or mango. Another star of the summer, adding flavour to Spritz is an international success. It goes particularly well with other fresh flavours such as green apple or, more unusually, cucumber, or even violet with its vintage pleasures.

Seduced by these aromatic trends? Contact us

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Salted caramel: a best seller

 Judging by its success, salted caramel is a safe bet. Between 2013 and 2016, an increase of 68% in launches of new products containing it. The USA and the United Kingdom are particularly fond of it with respectively more than 200 and 80 products launched last year (source: GNPD Mintel). Biscuits, desserts, ice creams and chocolate are some of the indulgence categories that have adopted it!

A caramel that is both regional and universal. In Nordic countries, caramel is consumed very salty, as is liquorice, while other European countries prefer it in a subtler form. In France, it is enhanced with a salt of geographical origin, like the salt of Guérande or the Camargue.

Contact us immediately and discover our range!

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“On The GOod” Milky & Veggie drinks: 2 winning approaches

To reach consumers, dairies are counting on high added value products. In France, speciality milk sales were up 5.1% in volume in 2016 (source: Linéaires, February 2017). At the other end of the spectrum, the vegetable milks sector is seeing a real boom in Europe. With more dynamic actors and more of them, the offer is expanding. In Germany, for example, there were nearly 100 new launches in 2016 compared with around thirty in 2012 (source: GNPD Mintel).

 Milky Drinks: the offer is getting richer

Milky drinks adapt to the lifestyles of urban populations, with travel-size formats. They are enriched specifically to target the expectations of certain categories of consumer. This includes athletes in particular, looking for high-protein, practical and gourmet products suitable for the recovery stage.


Veggie Drinks: A taste offer that is diversifying

The key to success for this segment comes from a diversified offer in terms of the vegetable sources (almond, rice, oats, hemp…) and the flavours. The warm and gourmet notes: caramel, honey, vanilla, or more exotic: mango, coconut, passion fruit are in vogue. Veggie drinks are also available in iced coffee versions, surfing on the craze for cold brewed coffee.

METAROM Group, a source of creativity in both these sectors

Inspired by these trends, METAROM Group has designed “On The GOod” drinks, delicious and healthy for all those little breaks during the day.

Light or enriched, sometimes gourmet or with subtler combinations, each drink has been thought out to appeal to a target consumer: sporty, senior or feminine.

Contact us now to discover and be inspired by our new concepts and market analysis!

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Vanilla: what makes the new flowering?

With reference to the first article in September 2016 about the vanilla market, we can today provide a snapshot of the market evolution for early 2017. Karine Costes (Head of buying at METAROM) and Renaud Bouat (Head of R&D at METAROM) summarise the situation to date and open a whole new realm of possibilities.

Can you give us an update on vanilla production?

Since last September, the situation has become more complex. In Madagascar, the world’s primary vanilla producer, available supplies remain inferior to the estimations given at the end of last year. Very high demand leads to a rise in vanilla prices.

On March the 7th, 2017, a violent cyclone hit the northern part of Madagascar.

However, the vanilla damages caused by the cyclone had a moderated impact on the farms, and we can anticipate an almost standard availability for the next crop. The missing beans, damaged, may be compensated by an expected better yield on non-hit surfaces. There is no guarantee that there won’t be another early harvest like there was in 2016.

METAROM can help you choose the right vanilla

There are dozens of vanilla typicality: vanilla notes, spicy notes, buttery notes or also woody notes. Vanilla pod typicality is particularly sought after.

Therefore vanilla is far from being universal and choices will be made based on the finished product but will also depend on the geographical area that the product is intended for.

In this respect, METAROM Group offers solutions to help you choose your vanilla flavouring.

Our products are particularly rich in taste with natural flavourings made from extracts. Our teams are present to help and advise you in the selection of profiles that satisfy the requested taste and economical requirements.

Take advantage of our Flavour class and come and meet our sales representatives, flavourists and regulatory affairs managers to custom design the many options for the optimisation of natural flavourings of vanilla.

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“Dairy free” caramel topping for ice cream

In its drive to develop innovative solutions, our teams have perfected a dairy free and vegan caramel topping, made without the use of dairy or animal products, intended for the ice cream segment.

In 2016, vegan ice creams accounted for 4.5% of new products launched in Europe compared to 1.5% in 2014 (source: MINTEL 2016). These products are targeting new flexitarian consumers who are trying to balance their input of animal and plant products in their diet.

Our approach consisted of perfecting a caramel with no dairy ingredients that preserved the organoleptic features and the technical properties of a classic caramel.

Milk is replaced by soya proteins that were selected to maintain smoothness. The amount of water is adjusted so as to avoid crystallisation phenomenas and the addition of calcium guarantees the correct formation of gel. Finally, natural flavouring helps to add milk and creamy notes.

As a topping, marbling or in inclusion, it’s sure to please consumers who are eager to find healthy products but aren’t prepared to lose out on taste.

It should be remembered that if your ice cream mix is plant milk based, our Acti’Mask Pro range was developed to accompany the sensory optimisation of cow’s milk substitutes.

For more information, please click here to contact us.

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