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Lime: a timeless flavour that makes a comeback!

 It is the summer favourite on every continent. Millenials love it in cocktails: mojitos and caipirinhas.

In just one year, the number of lime flavoured alcoholic beverages has increased by 40% worldwide Flavoured waters have focused on its fruity and fresh side with +27% launches in 2017.This tangy and energizing flavor has also seduced energy drinks for sportspeople with an increase of +170%. (Source GNPD Mintel).

METAROM Group offers natural lime flavours that will bring a zesty, fruity, green and juicy taste to your products. Contact us to discover the possibilities.

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ACTI’BOOST Sweet: Significantly reduce the sugar in your Biscuits and Cakes


In Europe, launches of reduced-sugar biscuits and cake mixes increased by +19% in 2017 vs. 2015 (source: Mintel GNPD) and this trend goes well beyond the dietetic section. However, the consumers looking for more healthy products often find that the taste is not up to scratch…

Our ACTI’BOOST Sweet range means you no longer have to compromise between taste and nutritional benefits.

Specifically dedicated to biscuits and cakes, our range means biscuits can be made with -50% added sugar while conserving an appealing taste identical to that of full-sugar biscuits. To do this, it rebalances the flavour profile of the product by providing a fullness with a hint of biscuit, vanilla and caramel.

ACTI’BOOST Sweet is also very effective in biscuits with no added sugar.

Clean Label, our flavour solutions can be declared as “natural flavours”.

Contact us to test them!

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Caramel: join the organic food dynamic!

The move towards ORGANIC food, motivated by a more healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle, is still growing. Germany and France are the second and third highest consumers of Organic products in the world, with 11% and 8% respectively behind the USA, the highest consumers with 46% (Bio Linéaires, June 2018).

These inspiring and long-lasting dynamics lead to new adapted offers from manufacturers, in private labels and national brands, and dedicated aisles that are expanding.

At METAROM Group, we have developed a certified organic caramel filling to support this growing trend and keep committed consumers happy! Each ingredient has been meticulously sourced for you to benefit from a deliciously authentic caramel, whilst responding to new nutrition challenges. As a partner to all your caramel developments, we are at your side – committed to organic products!

PS: our CARA’SENS product ranges are also enriched in caramel 100% made in France!

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IC’BOX: your inspiration corner!


Innovation is the number one motor for growth in the ice cream industry! Take advantage of the latest trends in our IC’Box to determine your customers’ expectations and renew yourself. Be the first to get a sample of our market analysis and our creations.

– An endless choice of incredibly tasty products. There is a growing trend of traditional pastries with authentic, warm and comforting flavours. Nothing beats our “Pecan Pie” concept with its extra layer of runny caramel!

– For more freshness, there is also botanical notes. Globetrotting millenials are sure to appreciate the journey with our “Sakura” sorbet. But if spice is more your thing, we advise you to try the premium “Wild cocoa” concept with its hot spices.

There are many more to discover including our gelato for a unique “tasting experience”, or the emblematic unicorn to take you back to your childhood or even vegan ice creams to push back the limits of enjoyment for everyone! Choose guaranteed freshness – just ask for the IC’Box!

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The year of purple brings us new flavours!


Last year, green was the must-have colour on our plates – now, it’s purple’s turn to take centre stage: The Pantone Institute has named “Ultra-violet” (18-3838) as its colour of the year!

This shade oozes hope and creativity and is all the rage in our food and on social media.

Until recently, purple fruits were very much under-represented in the food we eat, but now scientists are extolling their numerous benefits.

A number of products containing purple fruits have been launched this year (particularly in Europe), mainly involving biscuits, snacks and dairy products.

Whether it’s figs, blueberries, blackcurrants, grapes or blackberries, these super fruits are packed with flavour, and are a real treat for the taste buds!

Contact us to find out more about all our purple possibilities!


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Dairy products & plant-based alternatives: ACTI’BOOST Sweet, helping to reduce sugar content

The trend for “reduced sugar” formulations for dairy products and plant-based alternatives is accelerating, concerning 21.7% of product launches in 2017, compared to 7.6% in 2013 (Mintel, GNPD).   ACTI’BOOST Sweet is a natural flavour solution that can compensate for a reduction in sugar of up to 30% in dairy-based desserts, flavoured milks and plant-based alternatives. It is resistant to pasteurization and effective in acidic conditions. ACTI’BOOST Sweet reinforces the perception of sweetness and the flavour profile, and creates a coating sensation similar to sugar. For example, an apricot yoghurt, in addition to sweetness, will have enhanced notes of fruit, jam and almonds.   The range includes variations with notes of woody vanilla or notes of caramelized brown sugar. We will be delighted to offer our expertise to develop customized solutions that do not make any compromises with flavour!

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METAROM France finalises its plan to extend and modernise its Amiens site.

Since 2014, METAROM France has invested €2.6 million in a project to extend and modernise its site to satisfy its development needs and keep pace with that of the whole group. It was inaugurated on 18 January 2018 in the presence of the company’s employees and partners.


Located in Amiens for over 10 years, METAROM France has experienced non-stop growth in its turnover, rising from €17 million in 2007 to €26 million at the end of 2017. To meet current and future regulatory requirements but also to support its sales development, the subsidiary invested €2.6 million in a project rolled out between late 2014 and late 2017.  
  • To accompany the rise of the caramel business, the production workshop has been refitted and its production capacity doubled.
  • A 1500m² building was constructed in 2017. This extension dedicated to storage was built to anticipate the growth of future volumes and free up more production space.
  • To optimise in-factory flows and meet food safety requirements, different work was implemented: a waste zone has been laid out and a quarantine zone created to secure samples of raw materials. With this same objective, the reception and shipping docks have been doubled.
  • To support the growth in the workforce, 200 m² of new offices have been created with the active participation of the teams, and the parking area has been extended. The payroll is constantly growing. METAROM France currently employs 127 people on a permanent contract compared to 118 in 2014.
  METAROM France is committed to its social responsibility and is increasingly involved in the local economic fabric. It therefore naturally addressed invitations to tender for this project to regional businesses. Of the 20 companies contributing to the smooth operation and success of this project, 16 are based in Hauts-de-France.
The French subsidiary is working on a document digitisation project to reduce the use of paper in production and logistics operations. It also envisages to extend the surface area of its R&D laboratories in the medium term. The group will set up a new subsidiary in Asia in 2018 to offer a local response to this continent’s flavour requirements.


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NEW ! Video «On The GOod» Milky & Veggy drinks

METAROM Group has designed milky and veggy drinks “On The GOod ! Delicious and healthy for all those little breaks during the day. With less sugar or enriched, sometimes gourmet or with subtler combinations, each drink has been thought out to appeal to a target consumer: sport, senior or feminine.

Discover in 1min30 our concept On the Good!

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Jean-Loïc Métayer, CEO of the METAROM Group, has received the EY award for a family-owned business in the Northern region of France

 On 5 October 2017, Jean-Loïc Métayer received the EY Award of Honour in the Family-owned business category. This award goes to a “family-owned business having defined a sustainable strategy upheld by values and transparent governance”.

Since its establishment by Maurice Métayer over 60 years ago, the group has constantly developed in France and abroad. Today, this human-scale group, employing 210 people, is driven by strong values such as promoting local employment, sharing its success with all its employees and taking a long-term customer support. Sustainable growth approach is a daily concern for the METAROM Group!


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