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ACTI’MASK Wheat, taste solution dedicated to wheat protein !

How will humankind manage to feed 9 billion people by the year 2050? Rising to this challenge, manufacturers in the food processing industry are turning towards new alternatives to meat proteins: vegetable proteins. Supporting our clients in this endeavour, METAROM Group has developed a new natural masking solution: ACTI’MASK Wheat, geared specifically towards wheat proteins.

ACTI’MASK Wheat acts on two levels to improve the taste of finished products rich in wheat proteins. The initial entry onto the palate is defined by aroma compounds providing creamy and sugary notes, which act to soften the flavour profile of the finished product. Secondly, ACTI’MASK Wheat influences the mouthfeel of the product, reducing the perception of bitter flavours by sensory receptors. Its product concept is based on the combination of extracts obtained from natural aromatic substances, carefully selected by our R&D team for their effectiveness. The powder is easy to use, cold-soluble and heat-resistant. ACTI’MASK Wheat provides a neutral taste, giving manufacturers complete freedom in their choice of flavourings for the finished product. This makes it suited to all kinds of functional applications, including drinks, desserts and biscuits.

Our new masking solution ACTI’MASK Pro Wheat, has been selected for the FRENCH INNOVATION CORNER which will take place at the Pavillon France (stand L41) during the VITAFOODS at Geneva the 10,11 and 12 May.

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