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ACTI’BOOST Sweet: Significantly reduce the sugar in your Biscuits and Cakes


In Europe, launches of reduced-sugar biscuits and cake mixes increased by +19% in 2017 vs. 2015 (source: Mintel GNPD) and this trend goes well beyond the dietetic section. However, the consumers looking for more healthy products often find that the taste is not up to scratch…

Our ACTI’BOOST Sweet range means you no longer have to compromise between taste and nutritional benefits.

Specifically dedicated to biscuits and cakes, our range means biscuits can be made with -50% added sugar while conserving an appealing taste identical to that of full-sugar biscuits. To do this, it rebalances the flavour profile of the product by providing a fullness with a hint of biscuit, vanilla and caramel.

ACTI’BOOST Sweet is also very effective in biscuits with no added sugar.

Clean Label, our flavour solutions can be declared as “natural flavours”.

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