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ACTI’BOOST Sweet for less sweet dairy and plant-based desserts

In the past year, 30% of new dairy products and plant alternatives launched on the European market claim a healthy positioning (source: Mintel March 2018-February 2019 dairy and plant-based desserts and ice cream).

To support this nutritional challenge and to offer products that are still tasty, ACTI’BOOST Sweet is the aromatic answer that rebalances the profile of products that are low in sugar.

Dedicated to dairy products, vegetable drinks or ice cream, its notes revive the overall taste profile which tends to flatten when the sugar content is reduced. The perception is rounder with full and harmonious notes, providing a long lasting taste in the mouth.

Its effectiveness offsets reductions of less than 30% sugar. Tailor-made accompaniment allows us to adjust the intensity and to obtain the aromatic profile which suits you. This solution has a “natural flavour” clean label (European legislation).

With ACTI’BOOST Sweet, Metarom Group accompanies you in thinking about your nutritional reformulation to support a healthier diet without compromising on taste!

Don’t wait to contact us to test this solution!

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