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ACTI’BOOST Sweet, flavour solution dedicated to low-sugar beverages

At the FIE in Frankfurt, METAROM Group is intending to launch its new “High Performance” booster solution, ACTI’BOOST Sweet dedicated to low-sugar beverages.

Between 2010 and 2016, launches of “reduced/low/zero sugar” products grew by 100%. The beverage segment is the most committed to this approach (24% of launches on all products bearing such claims). Source: Mintel GNPD

Sugar plays an essential role in product flavour. Reducing the quantity of sugar without altering the flavouring profile of the product is therefore a real challenge.

The ACTI’BOOST Sweet range has been specifically designed to offset reduced sugar content of up to 30% in beverages.

Labelled “Natural Flavouring”, it adapts to the specific features of each matrix: carbonated beverages, drinks made with juices, lemonades, iced tea, etc. Its formulation is also resistant to pasteurisation.

This natural solution acts in synergy with the matrix. It boosts the sugar profile in the mix while enhancing the favouring profile of the beverage. These simultaneous actions strengthen the general sweet perception of the beverage.

Our range includes solutions suitable for dairy products and plant-based drinks.

ACTI’BOOST Sweet allows consumers to enjoy nutritionally beneficial beverages without compromising on taste.

Make the most of the FIE in Frankfurt to test our solutions on the METAROM Group stand, no. H9B61!


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