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ACTI’BOOST Fat : a clean label solution to significantly reduce fat content

Developed by METAROM Group, the natural flavour solution ACTI’BOOST Fat makes it possible for manufacturers of biscuits, pastries and bread to significantly reduce the butter or vegetable fat content in their recipes.

ACTI’BOOST Fat improves nutritional profile while retaining the gourmet nature of the product. It compensates for reductions of up to 50% fat content by working simultaneously on the retention of flavours and texture. It livens up the flavor profile of fat-reduced products by strengthening buttery and milky notes. It also provides mouthfeel, usually associated with fat content. The final profile is rich and harmonious.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Efficiency proven up to 50% less fat content according to the matrix

  • Global solution (flavor and technological capacity)

  • Products dedicated to biscuits and cakes

  • Tailor-made signature flavors developed (buttery, milky, creamy…)

  • Bake resistant formula

ACTI’BOOST Fat supports healthier eating thanks to its clean label solution without compromising on taste!

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