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ACTI’MASK Pro, masking solutions dedicated to proteins!

Our new range of ACTI’MASK Pro masking flavours provides taste solutions for food processing companies wishing to integrate vegetable or animal proteins into their product ranges.

The ACTI’MASK Pro range has been developed in order to improve the flavour of protein-enriched products. These active ingredients intervene on two levels:

  • First, they provide an initial wave of volatile compounds that softens the aromatic profile by limiting off-notes from the protein.

  •  Secondly, they give mouthfeel and extend the length on the palate by coating the sensory receptors, which is what allows the masking agent to reduce bitterness perception in the finished product.

The range was developed using extracts from natural flavours. These solutions have been developed in order to provide gustative balance in product composition, thereby providing food processing companies with a wide range of options in terms of flavourings.

The METAROM Group offers a full range of masking agents for vegetable proteins (wheat, rice, peas, soy), as each vegetable protein is characterised by a particular type of off-note. With pea proteins, for example, organoleptic testing reveals that the ACTI’MASK Pro Pea masking agent is able to significantly reduce the bitterness vegetable notes in finished products.

The range also includes masking solutions for animal proteins:  Whey, for milk proteins, beef proteins and BCAA blends dedicated to dietetic products and sport nutrition.

Our aim is to allow consumers to take full advantage of these nutritionally-beneficial products, without having to compromise on flavour.

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